The Two-Year Transformational Program is an intense personal development track for men who are committed in their bold journey to live fully as warriors, lovers, sages and kings — like Jesus.

The Two-Year Program is open to men who have completed a 1st-Level Crucible Men’s Weekend (or equivalent).

What It Includes

  • Second Level Weekends
    • Mission/Life Purpose
    • Sexuality
    • Leadership: Facing the Dark Side and Discovering the Hero Within
    • Leadership: Moving Through Barriers Towards Joy
  • Soul Group membership. Continue your work with other men willing to make the same two-year commitment as you. Groups meet three times a month and are led by a trained facilitator. In addition to local face-to-face groups, we offer a video conferencing based group for those living in an area without a local group.
  • Monthly coaching calls to further refine your journey in the two-year program.
  • Staffing opportunities. Priority staff placement for all 1st-Level weekends to use what you are learning in service to other men.

 What You’ll Get

  • Discover and live your God-given purpose as a man.
  • Become a more authentic man who lives at deeper levels of integrity.
  • Engage your God-given inner strength to live with greater confidence and courage.
  • Live more courageously – willing to shake things up and take risks; penetrating your world.
  • Learn to live from your heart.
  • Let go of the sexual shame you carry and embrace your sexuality as a sacred gift – full of life, connection and creativity.
  • Build more authentic, loving relationships.
  • Grow as a more effective leader.

Contact us for more information and cost.

What They Say

“Without question, the two-year program is the best investment I’ve ever made in myself. Between the weekly groups, monthly coaching calls, second-level weekends, staffing opportunities and my leadership project … I have a community of brothers that I could have never assembled on my own. They’ve challenged me to move from living less in my self-reliance and living more from the lump in my throat.”


“The like-minded men and excellent leaders helped me to ‘reprogram’ the  outdated tapes in my head and change my unwanted behavior. I am closer to being the man I have always desired to be… Since then, I have taken on new leadership positions that I would not have accepted before. Today I am serving more people out of my ‘sweet spot’ and fulfilling my mission in life.”


“My husband’s involvement in the two-year program has helped to heal him as well as our marriage. He now understands that his judgments and reactions to situations…are the result of old messages, so he is far less likely to blame me. He steps into leadership more readily than he used to, and he seeks [out] his brothers for support in trying times. We are both so grateful for the marvelous work that The Crucible Project enables him to do and the network of friendship it has provided.”