Peter AldrichPeter Aldrich

Peter completed his initial weekend in March of 2015 and also completed the Two-Year Transformational leadership program. He has staffed various Crucible Project weekends, including Kenya in February of 2018. Peter is also a catalyst in bringing The Crucible Project to men in the northeast and building a community of Crucible men there. He is part-owner of Cage Data an Information Technology, Managed Service Provider located in Connecticut.

Jason BachmanJason Bachman

Jason completed his initial Crucible weekend in 2010. He has staffed and volunteered at The Crucible Project ever since. His mission is to create a world of authentic community where people speak the truth and accept each other. Jason works as a solution consultant for a global firm, and lives in the Chicago suburbs.

Dmitri BilgereDmitri Bilgere

Dmitri Bilgere, author of “Gateways to God: Remove your Roadblocks and Live His Love,” is a Crucible Project leader who has been running workshops since 1989. Through his live seminars and coaching programs, he helps men find their blessing and create the life of joy that God wants for them. Get his free “How to Feel God’s Love” mini-course at

Tony BradburnTony Bradburn

Tony completed his initial weekend in June of 2008 and is a graduate of our two-year transformational program. Tony hails from the idyllic shades found in Crystal Lake, IL. After being adopted from the Dominican Republic at the age of 6 months into a family in Elgin with two biological children, going through school, getting sober, becoming a teacher and a football coach, getting married, going to more schooling to get a few Master’s degrees, having four beautiful children, moving into educational administration, getting divorced, and now having principalship duties, it’s safe to say that Tony’s path has never been a straight one.

John CaseyJohn Casey

John completed his initial Crucible weekend in 2005, is a graduate of our two-year transformational program and is a weekend leader for The Crucible Project. He enjoys writing about authentic living for men. As a senior pastor for 32 years, he has written and preached hundreds of sermons on God’s character and mission, our purpose and mission, spiritual transformation and effective relationships.

Justin HaasJustin Haas

Justin completed his initial weekend in November of 2008 and is a graduate of the two-year Transformational Leadership Program (although he wishes there was a four-year option). A California native, Justin was uprooted at age 8 and transplanted into a "foreign, midwest" world called Chicago, along with its bitter temperatures and murky -- sometimes fluffy -- snow. He believes the depth of healing one receives is crucial to the level of honesty one is willing to have with themselves and living in the light with others. Justin is a husband to one lovely wife and a father to three wacky & tender kids. Professionally, he hangs out in the I.T. industry.

Luke HarrisLuke Harris

From the exotic coastal shores of Australia, Luke now resides in the Midwest, which he lovingly describes as "the armpit of America." He is on a mission to create environments for people to become fully alive by connecting deeply with others to promote growth and freedom. Both the Crucible Project and Prison Ministry have ignited a passion in him for seeing every life transformed in Christ. He writes on the internet at

However, here is Luke's preferred, edgier bio:
Is he who rides through the clouds,
on his faithful steed,
with a bow - to tie off its braids,
and arrows - like Cupid’s,
but with flames,
that doesn’t scorch or singe,
yet set ablaze the hearts of men,
to become fully alive.

Greg HawkinsGreg Hawkins

Greg completed his initial weekend in 2014 and will complete the Two-Year Transformational program this year. He believes in the power of being vulnerable to foster authentic and courageous lives. He is a husband, dad of two girls, yogi, blogger, and is a director at an industrial supply company. His favorite activities are dance parties with his girls, getting outside with his dogs or horse and date nights with his wife.

Joshua HookJoshua Hook

Joshua completed his initial Crucible weekend in 2010. He is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of North Texas. Through his writing and speaking, he helps men step forward into healing and growth. Follow Joshua’s blog and download his free e-book ‘A Journey of Healing and Growth’ at

Phil JacksonPhil Jackson

Phil completed his initial Crucible Project weekend in November 2011. For nearly 30 years, his passion has been to bring the life-changing message of Jesus Christ to young men in Chicago's north Lawndale neighborhood. He has served as a youth pastor, associate pastor and lead pastor of Lawndale area churches in addition to founder and executive director of The Firehouse Community Art Center. He also is co-author of The Hip-Hop Church, the Urban Devotional Bible and is a contributing writer for A Heart for the Community: New Models for Urban and Suburban Ministry.

Dan KuiperDan Kuiper

Dan completed his initial Crucible weekend in 2009. He is an author and speaker and leads a ministry called, Finding Father's Love which helps wounded souls find love, healing, and grace in relationship with the Heavenly Father. Dan's first book, When Father is a Bad Word, illustrates the parallels between our relationship with our earthly father and our perception of our Heavenly Father. Dan leads Finding Father's Love seminars across the country, offering hope and healing to those who have experienced brokenness from dysfunctional family relationships. More information can be found on Dan's website:

Jeff MadsenJeff Madsen

Jeff completed his initial Crucible weekend in 2008 and graduated from our two-year transformational program. His mission is to build a legacy of surrender, simplicity and significance. Jeff is the owner of Legacy Nation LLC, an independent corporate communications practice based in suburban Chicago. He also runs a LifePlan ministry to help Christian men discover their God-given purpose and live a legacy of significance. Follow him at:

Marc MantasootMarc Mantasoot

Marc Mantasoot completed his initial Crucible weekend in 2004 and graduated from our two-year transformational program in 2008. He wants to help others pursue their God-given joy and free the world of ego. He is an award-winning poet, writer, small groups/discipleship coach, high school English teacher and martial arts trainer. He provides powerful methods for life transformation at His greatest joys: Creating scenes with his son, lining up My Little Ponies with his baby girl, and pursuing his irresistible wife.

Terry MartinTerry Martin

Terry completed his initial weekend in 2017 and is in training to be a group leader. He has worked in the insurance industry as an actuary for 36 years. When not at work, he can often be found with a saxophone hanging from his neck and playing in a concert band, the worship band on Sundays, or in a saxophone quartet.
Imminent retirement -- God willing -- will include learning music composition, playing more tennis, skiing at mid-week prices, and taking short-term missions trips with his wife. Terry and his wife live in Connecticut.

Walter MendenhallWalter Mendenhall

Walter completed his initial Urban weekend for men in 2013 and is currently enrolled in our Two-Year Transformational program. Having accomplished his lifelong dream of making it to the National Football League (NFL), Walter’s desire for mentoring and teaching young people prompted him to walk away from football to focus on pursuing his passion for teaching the next generation of leaders.

He is currently a professor at Northeastern Illinois University (Leadership Development) and South Suburban College (Sociology), and a successful motivational speaker and mentor.

Byron MyersByron Myers

Byron is a weekend leader and completed his initial Crucible weekend in 2009. His deepest desire is to help people believe in their God-given goodness and live lives of integrity, authenticity and feel loved and accepted. Byron is the author of the ebook, Weekly Devotional Thoughts: Weekly Applications of God’s Word. Byron is the High School Principal at Midland Christian School in Midland, TX and a successful Business and Personal Life Coach. Follow Byron at Weekly Devotional Thoughts.

Judson PolingJudson Poling

Judson met Greg Huston (The Crucible Project's founder) in 2002 and staffed his first initial weekend the following spring. He is a founding board member of The Crucible Project and co-developer of The Crucible Project's four second-level retreats. He also served on staff of Willow Creek Community Church for 29 years. He is now a best-selling author and President of Cambia Resources, LLC, doing consulting, coaching and freelance writing.

Ryan PolingRyan Poling

Ryan’s initial Crucible weekend was in August 2006. He is completing his doctoral studies in clinical psychology at Fuller Seminary Graduate School of Psychology in Pasadena, CA, and is currently on internship at Salina Regional Health Center. He holds Master's degrees in Psychology and Theology, and he was also Adjunct Professor of Psychology at Azusa Pacific University. He lives in Salina, Kansas, with his wife, Erika, and their bunny, Bailey.

Dave RecordDave Record

Dave completed his initial weekend in 2016. He has staffed weekends and is working toward completing the two-year Transformational program curriculum. Dave holds a bachelor's degree in Aerospace Engineering, and master's degrees in Operations Management and International Business. Dave and his wife Leslie they own and operate MedExcess, Inc., a medical supply business based in Denver. He is passionate about airplanes, baseball, his kids, writing, and learning how to transform the lives of men through his ongoing work with The Crucible Project.

Barry ThomasBarry Thomas

Barry is a past Chairman of the Board for The Crucible Project. He has been a catalyst in bringing and growing our ministry throughout Texas. He is a senior operations engineer for Concho Resources in Midland, Texas. Prior to that, he served in ministry for 13 years at churches in Oklahoma City, Chicago and Midland. Barry holds a master’s of divinity from Bethel University in St. Paul, Minn. He also holds bachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering from Colorado School of Mines. Barry completed his initial Crucible weekend in August, 2005.

Tim WhiteTim White

Tim completed his initial weekend in 2013. He has staffed many weekends and leads L.I.F.E. Recovery for men at Willow Creek Crystal Lake. With an M.Div from Bethel Seminary, he's a former senior pastor and now pastoral coach. Tim fulfills his mission by guiding men to greater connection through vulnerable transparency.

Roy WootenRoy Wooten

Roy completed his initial Crucible weekend in 2009 and has been a longtime leader of the Houston Crucible Community. Roy and his wife Devra have led over 175 of their Life Together Forever Couples Weekends and are the authors of The Secret to Lifetime Love: Speaking and Hearing Truth. He also authored Full Throttle Into Fatherhood and is the Executive Director of Shield Bearer Counseling Centers in Houston, TX . Follow Roy at