Here are some resources to help you stay connected online to this special community of Christian men.

  1. Join The Crucible Project Community on Facebook.
    This is a CLOSED group, so your Crucible Project-related notices and updates are posted only on the The Crucible Project page for other Crucible Project men to see.

    • Log in here.
    • Go to the “Search” field and enter: Community @ The Crucible Project
    • Submit a request to join the group
  2. Network with The Crucible Project on LinkedIn.
    We’re leveraging the power and expertise of our global community to help each other professionally. This also is a PRIVATE group, so your posted notices and updates are seen only by other Crucible Project men.

    • Submit a request to join the group here.
    • You can join the group and choose to make the group visible (or not) on your public profile.
    • Share job leads, network, career advice and promote business opportunities.
  3. Subscribe to The Crucible Project on YouTube.
    We’ll be adding more videos in the future.

  4. Find The Crucible Project on Vimeo