Attend The Crucible Men's Weekend

The Crucible Weekend is designed to challenge you to take a hard look at what is working in your life and what is NOT working in your life. It will push beyond typical Christian answers. A statesman once said “The longest journey is the journey inward.”
The Crucible Weekend will challenge you to take that journey, to let go of your excuses and move beyond blaming others; and look at how you are contributing to those parts of your life that are not working.
Are you ready to take that journey?
The Crucible Weekend is an intense experience that will challenge you, primarily emotionally, but also spiritually and physically. If your motivation comes from those who invited you, it will quickly fade once the weekend begins. The resolve to step into each challenge the weekend presents can only come from you deciding you want this for yourself and are ready to do whatever it takes to confront those parts of yourself that are holding you back from the life you want for yourself.
Are you willing to face those challenges?
You will be asked to step into the unknown. First, into various exercises and activities that are new to you; and beyond that, into the unknown places within yourself, places you’ve denied existed and were hidden from yourself and those around you.
Are you ready to travel where there is no path, to encounter God, and to see what He has for you there?
If you’re ready to go deep, discover life-changing truths about yourself, and experience radical grace, sign up below.

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